How Many Pellets A Pellet Stove Uses (And How Long A Bag Lasts)

Wood pellets in hand

Knowing how many pellets a pellet stove uses can help you figure out how many bags of pellets you’ll need to order, or even whether a pellet stove is worth installing in the first place.

The number of pellets consumed by a pellet stove depends on a variety of parameters, including whether the stove is set to a low or high heat output.

The typical pellet stove burns through 1.67lbs of pellets per hour if it uses a 40lb bag of pellets every 24 hours. However, the size and heat output potential of a pellet stove, as well as other factors, can affect this amount.

There are a few options that can alter how many pellets our pellet stove consumes each hour compared to what the normal pellet stove consumes.

Using our own pellet stove as an example, we’ve outlined the process in greater detail below:

  • Things that can impact the rate at which pellets burn.
  • The average number of pellets consumed in an hour.
  • How to measure the amount of pellets consumed by a pellet stove.
  • When a bag of pellets normally lasts.
  • In general, how many bags of pellets do you use in a season?

How Many Pellets Does A Pellet Stove Use?

For heat generation, pellet stoves require the usage of pellets, which are typically created from wood.

In contrast to other types of stoves, such as wood-burning models, a motorized auger in a pellet stove draws fuel from the integrated hopper and delivers it directly to the fire in the combustion chamber.

A certain amount of pellets will be consumed by all pellet stoves when they are in use. Fuel consumption or burn rate will be referred to as this.

There are many variables that can affect how many pellets a pellet stove requires, such as:

The average amount of pellets burned by a pellet stove is 1.67 pounds per hour.

Pellet stove manuals frequently include a burn rate for each model so be sure to check it out to find out what yours is.

Among other things, the stove’s owner’s manual states that it has:

  • Minimum fuel consumption of 0.7kg/hour (1.54lb/hour)
  • Maximum fuel consumption of 1.525kg/hour (3.36lb/hour)

In most cases, our pellet stove’s minimal fuel consumption is comparable to the average anticipated burn rate for pellet stoves.

It’s possible that our stove is burning up more pellets per hour than the norm since we’re trying to raise the temperature in the room above the one we set. This will use more fuel than maintaining a constant temperature in the room.

How Long Will A 40lb Bag Of Pellets Burn?

A normal 40lb bag of pellets may be consumed in 24 hours by a pellet stove based on a typical burn rate of 1.67lbs per hour.

The entire burn time can be determined by multiplying the pellet consumption rate by the hopper capacity.

Many pellet stoves (like ours) can burn continuously for 24 hours before they need to be replenished with fresh pellets. We’ve addressed this in greater depth in another article on how long do pellet stoves burn

Burn time is affected by both fuel consumption and hopper capacity.

It is possible to store more fuel in pellet stove hoppers with bigger capacity, and it is possible to burn less fuel per hour in smaller-capacity stoves.

In the long run, you can save money by purchasing a pellet stove with a larger hopper capacity and a lower pellet burn rate.

Based on a 40lb bag of pellets lasting around 24 hours, a 20lb bag of pellets will normally last about 12 hours.

These are simply averages, so you should expect that the burn rate and duration of a bag of pellets will vary slightly depending on the model of pellet stove you use.

How Many Bags Of Pellets In A Ton?

It takes a regular 1 ton pallet to house 2000lbs of pellets. A ton of pellets normally contains 50 bags of pellets, based on each bag typically holding 40lb of pellets.

How Many Bags Of Wood Pellets Do I Need?

Assuming a typical home uses 3 tons of pellets per heating season, the total number of pellets needed for each heating season can be estimated as 150.

Pellets for use in pellet stoves are typically sold in 40lb bags (or 15kg bags in the UK).

“A typical homeowner consumes around 3 tons of pellets per heating season,” the Pellet Fuel Institute states in a statement.

It will take about 150 bags of pellets to keep a stove running for a season if each bag weighs 40 pounds and 1 ton equals 2000 pounds.

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